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Fabric bag Dry filter Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner GRIZZLY NTS 1423 S-Inox Fabric blue

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Fabric bag Dry Filter PNTS 1250 /9 IAN 40878 PARKSIDE Fabric Filter blue

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TextilefilterbeUtel - Dry Filter
blue / Washes
Fabric filter bags - Dry Filter
Wet - dry vacuum cleaner
Item No .: 30250135
PNTS 1250/9 IAN 40878 LIDL

Part number 30250135
Textile filter bag blue - Dry Filter

Here you will find the filter in the exact same size as in the purchase of the device.
Please also note our actions for the wet filter and the paper filter bag.
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You get to our shop, many replacement parts and accessories

Model 30250135
Product Type Filter / Filter Accessories
Manufacturer Number 30250135
Dust Container Dust Bag

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